Royal blue Beanie with Mudlarks logo: £8.00

“Dual heritage” Mudlarks and Supermares Hoodie.

Royal blue with yellow logos.
Thick cotton sweatshirt material.

The model is wearing a Medium Hoodie

Orders received by Sunday pm are generally available for collection at high tide swims from “Weston Beach cafe” decking by the following weekend.

Watch the Supermares and Mudlarks fb pages for distribution alerts.

  1. Complete the form below – make sure you use a name that we will recognise, and hopefully matches your bank details!
  2. Make your payment using the details on the form
  3. Collect your merchandise from the Mudlarks
  4. Post on social media so the world can see how amazing you all are; use the hashtag #WestonMarineLakeMudlarks so we can all see you!