Mudlarks Public Meeting

Recruiting Mudlark worker bees and potential Directors

It’s been some time since the Mudlarks launched, we’ve achieved the aims we set out to, ie the lake is open and dredged, but over the years we’ve lost some of our founder members so it was time to either call it a day, or to rejuvenate and take the project to the next level.
We decided on the latter so on Wednesday the 8th of November we held our first public meeting at the Captain’s Cabin above the lake.

Claire told us the history of the CIC, how we formed and what happened in those early meetings then took us through what was happening with the Levelling Up Fund etc.
Deb then detailed all the things we think we needed help with and recruited some very welcome help.

It was super-useful hearing from people who used the lake but were not aware of what was happening, and how it happens – it became clear that we need to improve our communications, so that’s one of the main focusses of what we’ll be doing over the coming weeks.

We will enable a form here on the website so we can hear your news; who is using the lake, who is swimming, paddle boarding, kayaking, hanging around and enjoying the location etc. We’ll use that to post updates here and hopefully start a newsletter where we can keep people up to date with work and events.

And we will hold regular public meetings; we’ll try to move the day and time around to cater for as many people as possible.

The next meeting will be Monday 11th December back in the Captain’s Cabin at 7pm.

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2 thoughts on “Mudlarks Public Meeting”

  1. Neil Osborne

    I was very frustrated for many years by the state the lake was in as it was virtually un swim able. I was very excited when I heard it was to be dredged last year (I believe… ) and a little disappointed at first as the transition from the beach to a depth to swim in was initially still extremely muddy, however although the depth appears to have dropped a little as the silt has started to settle again the transition from beach to a depth deep enough to swim in has become a little smoother. And thankfully swimming from the new steps is always a good option now except when irresponsible idiots have thrown glass into the water.

    I do find myself on some hot summer days picking up huge amounts of rubbish the glass particularly annoys me so I would like to see more rangers or security on such days although generally it is now a very pleasant place to swim. I would also love to see the beach reinstated to its original length possibly with the help of a few groins as it used to look so much nicer when it was a complete little bay.

    Generally though you have achieved a huge amount and should be proud of your hard work. Neil Osborne

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